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Home Health Systems, Inc.

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Last updated: Feb 14th, 2017 at 1:40:06am
Mary McGoldrick, MS, RN, CRNI® is a Home Care and Hospice Consultant for Home Health Systems, Inc., which she founded in 1989. Mary provides expert home care and hospice consultation on The Joint Commission home care standards, infection prevention and control strategies, and serves as an Infection Preventionist for home health agencies and hospices. Mary serves as a member of the 2016 Infusion Nurses Society's (INS) Standards of Practice Committee, a technical expert for the Community Health Accreditation Partner's (CHAP) Subcommittee, developing the new Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Standards for the home care industry, and a department editor and contributing author to the "Infection Prevention" column for the Home Healthcare Now journal.



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