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FGA, Inc.

  • (800) 682-5749
  • (800) 682-5749
  • 44 Stelton Rd Ste 315
    Piscataway, NJ 08854-2600
    United States
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Last updated: Feb 14th, 2017 at 1:40:06am
FGA was initiated in 1989 to provide Accounts Receivable Management services to healthcare providers. Since then, FGA has become the healthcare industry's choice for homecare outsourcing services and EDI transactions like Eligibility Verification and Claims Processing. FGA's goal is to enhance clients' revenue by efficient Homecare Outsourcing services. Apart from Homecare Outsourcing, EDI Transactions like Eligibility Verification and Claims Processing continue to be one of our core business focuses. Healthcare providers accomplish revenue cycle management tasks by utilizing KeyClaims, ReChek, and Claims2Cash - our web based tools designed to simplify Eligibility Verification and Claims Processing. As one of the nation's fastest growing EDI clearinghouses, FGA offers simple solutions to complex electronic connectivity challenges. Our technology improves your efficiency by automating Eligibility Verification and Claims Processing. Eligibility Verification could be real time Eligibility Verification or batch mode Eligibility Verification. Eligibility Verification reduces claims denial and Claims Processing accelerates reimbursements.



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